The establishment of the Faculty of History of the BSU in 1934 was a great milestone in the development of historical education and science in Belarus. We should not forget the high European level of research of the first rector of BSU V. I. Picheta and such prominent historians of the 1920s as V. M. Ignatovsky, M. V. Dovnar-Zapol’sky, D. I. Dovgiallo and many others. Without this solid groundwork laid by our predecessors, the development of historical research and the Faculty of History of the BSU can be hardly imagined.

The history of the Faculty began in rather difficult times. The fate of its first Dean, Academician V. K. Shcherbakov symbolizes the heroism and the tragedy of that period. The Faculty of History is inextricably tied with the history of our country: it witnessed war, evacuation, recovery and development.

The development of the Faculty of History of the BSU in the independent Belarus is the new extraordinary rich page for historical education and science in our country. The opening of the new specialties and new departments on the basis of the Faculty, creation of a new system of manuals for schools and universities, testing of the European educational model with due respect to local traditions – this is an incomplete list of the achievements of the Faculty of this time.

Now the Faculty trains specialists in 12 qualifications. Over the last decade the master studies were established on a strong educational and methodological basis. The Faculty tries to work the problem of providing mass education together with preserving its quality by updating regularly the normative and methodological support of its activities, the content of historical education and its scientific level. For further improving of research and teaching, the Faculty engages the best professionals from the scientific and industrial spheres of Belarus.

Distance learning, video lectures, multimedia equipment, new computer classes allow for the maximum use of methodological potential, help to rise the interest in general and special courses. However, the most important at our Faculty is not equipment, but a person, a Professor, a Teacher. A characteristic feature of the Faculty’s life is notable decrease of its teaching staff average age. Faculty is the first in the BSU in terms of proportion of candidates of sciences among the staff. We strive to ensure a professor and a student as main and equal participants in the educational process.

The Faculty of History is proud of its graduates who work in various fields of education, culture, economics, management, tourism, etc. The vast majority of researchers in the field of history, archival science, document science and museology in sovereign Belarus was formed due to masters, postgraduate and doctoral studies at the Faculty.

Keeping with traditions and prompt response to changes are the most important factors of the Faculty activity. We have prepared a series of books («Memory and Glory» and others) dedicated to our famous graduates and teachers.

We are grateful to our Teachers and we teach our students to take into account the experience of our predecessors to form the succession of generations. The students actively participate not only in public life (what has always characterized historians), but also work together with the teaching staff and the Dean’s office to improve the educational process. The skills acquired should help them in their future life and professional career.

We are committed first and foremost to teach how to learn, not only to give knowledge, but also to mould an individual with both strive and ability for further development.

Keeping the Faculty solidarity, at the same time we feel ourselves a part of a large family of the BSU. Some of the faculties – the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of International Relations at different times were structural units of the Faculty of History. The development of a specialty «Document Science» would be barely possible without cooperation with the Faculty of Law, The Faculty of Philology and the Faculty of Applied Mathematics. Thanks to the Rector’s office, different departments and units of the University in recent years we have created new cabinets, new exhibitions in our museums, and keep in good order our truly historic building – the BSU House № 1.

We are grateful to our colleagues – the other faculties of History in Belarus, our partners from the CIS and other countries. Such cooperation allows us to respond to modern challenges. We are confident about the future development of our scientific contacts and focused on joint participation in the European projects, research and conferences.

We are grateful to our fate and Belarus for the opportunity to live and work for the benefit of our Motherland, for the sake of cultural and scientific cooperation of all countries.

History is what unites us.


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